#15 Visiting all of the California 21 Missions

Looking back at my blog entries I started my goal of visiting the California missions in October of 2009. Back then it was just whim really. We were on our way back from Bakersfield, on our way to Disneyland and we just happened to be in San Fernando. Didn’t think or write about it much at the time. In fact the last part of that blog post is dedicated to me getting a high score at Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, but everything has to begin somewhere.

One by one up and down the state we went. Sometimes we saw lots of missions together. Other times we saw them one by one very slowly. Then in the quick instance it began it ended. That is how a lot of goals go. It can be sad, but it is also kind of nice to know the proper order of things. If you are interested in the details here are the blog post entries themselves, many good memories lie within those words:

S Fern, S Diego, S Barb, S Inez, s Gabriel, S Luis Obispo, La Purisima, S Buena Ventura, S Luis Rey, S Juan Capistrano, S Francisco Solano (Sonoma), S Rafael, S Juan Baustista, Soledad, S Antonio de Padua, S Miguel, Dolores, S Clara, S Carmel, S Cruz, S Jose #1

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